Hello, and thank you for being interested in joining
One of our clans in our community.

Our community is made up of these clans below

World Of Tanks Clans:
UM-R - United Misfits Renegades
UM-C - United Misfits Crusaders

World Of Warships Clan:
U-M-R - United Misfit Raiders

Total War Arena Clan:
UM-D United Misfits Dragons

About The Community:
We are a all age community, we are here to have fun,no drama community.

This community was made from the idea of shadowpatriot.
Shadow been building this community to where it is since 2015.

This community is here, instead of kids going out, breaking the law,
joining gangs, We offer fair game play, everyone gets to play. makes
no diffence what age you are. We here to have fun. We don't get
paid to play this game.

Our main communication is teamspeak 3, by click this link.

Please do not join the community if

1. You don't like playing around kids.

2. If you only care about winning. Don't get me wrong, we care about winning, but this is a video
game. We are here to have fun. if you want to run your mouth and cause drama, or rage quit because we lost.

3. if you only care about gold, you can easy buy gold from wargaming website for 2.99 for 500 gold.

4. if you only care about win8