When recruiting new members, make sure they have a tier 10, and at least 5,000 battles for united misfits, mean team have must have at least a tier 6.

I send this to people when recruiting

Hello, United Misfits is recruiting
Strongholds Daily ( tier 6 & 8 )
All Age Clan
We do tier 10 clan wars
And Tier 10 Advances

We run a point system the more you
do with the clan, the more points you
earn, in you can trade them in
gold,tanks prem time.

Teamspeak is a requirement (From 6 P.M EST To 11 P.M EST)

check out our website for more info.
Website: unitedmisfitsgaming.com
Teamspeak: umgamingcommunity.gavs.us

once they are in the clan, they are a recruit, they have two days to get onto teamspeak or get teamspeak, if they don't have teamspeak please give them this link


If they refuse to get teamspeak, or don't speak english or even a little english, boot them. tell them sorry this is a english speaking clan.

If you see somebody on the roster page

United Misfits

United Misfits Mean Team

with recruit still by their name after being in the clan for two days, if they not in the clan your in, let the other clan recruitment officer know. if they are in your clan, pm them in game and ask them if anybody talk to them yet, if not get them on teamspeak, and if they refuse boot them.

Once they are on teamspeak, pull them to the recruitment meeting room, go over what the community is about

or just give them this link.


Tell them about the online radio room, and other features like our own music songs.


give them their tags that be either a -U-M- tag or UM-MT with the private and whatever their highest tier is.

then go to the roster page of what clan they are in and make them a private.